Full Stack Glossary by Milad Abooali

این یک راهنمای اصطلاحات برای علاقه مندان به دنیاین فول استک می باشد که در گیت هاب هم منبع کامل آن در دسترس می باشد. جهت مشارکت می توانید از فرم زیر استفاده نمائید:

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# Keyword Synonyms
1 Full Stack fullstack full stack Dev full stack developer
2 Developer developer
3 UI user interface
4 Client device side server
5 Server device side client
6 Software app application platform program
7 Html language programming developers
8 Database databank datastore db
9 Front end interface f/e view client-side back-end
10 Back end server-side b/e
11 Css language Programming
12 Bootstrap bootstrapping bootloader boot-program
13 javascript js es5 es6 livescript
14 json the-javascript-object-notation javascript
15 xml xhtml extensible-markup-language
16 Jquery JavaScript-library framework
17 Angular framework Web-framework
18 Redux JavaScript-library state
19 Grunt Software
20 Gulp platform JavaScript
21 PHP php-Hypertext-Preprocessor scripting-language
22 ASP server-side web-application Active-Server-Page dynamic-web
23 C++ OOP object-based-programming C-With-Classes
24 C# Programming-language C-Sharp
25 Java jdk servlet OAK
26 Python open-source programming-language
27 Node js javascript cross-platform open-source
28 Ruby ror programming-language dynamic
29 REST Representational software Representational-State-Transfer
30 Go Golang programming-language
31 SQL programming-language Structerd-Query-Language QL-Server
32 MongoDB database-program.
33 Firebase Backend-as-a-Service app-development
34 Sass style-sheet-language Syntactically-Awesome-Stylesheets SassScript
35 Less client-side server-side mixin
36 Parse mobile-backend
37 LAMP web-service-stack Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP LAMP-Server
38 Ruby-on-Rails ror Rails database
39 MEAN open-source JavaScript software-package
40 Django framework development Django-Stack
41 Apache Apache-HTTP-Server HTTP Apache-HTTP-Server
42 Express js express.js Node.js
43 SQLite SQLite-Manager database SQLiteStudio
44 Applet ActiveX client side Java program
45 Application software program process
46 ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interexchange
47 Bandwidth network capacity of a network
48 Binary code language a computer 0 and 1
49 Bit Unit of data binary digit
50 Boot Cold boot Warm boot start up a computer
51 Browser Software Internet web browser
52 Bug error malfunction
53 Byte unit of digital information eight binary digits eight bits
54 Cache small data-memory
55 CAD-CAM Computer Aided Drawing Computer Aided Manufacturing
56 CD-ROM Compact Disc Read-Only dvd-rom
57 CGI Common Gateway Interface
58 Chat converse talk speak
59 CHIP store bits
60 CPU Central Processing Unit
61 Cracker hacker
62 Cursor moving position-indicator indicator
63 Cyberspace internet nterconnected digital technology
64 Debug bug malfunctions defect
65 Desktop background screen
66 Directory repository storage reservoir
67 Domain name addresses
68 DOS Disk Operating System operating
69 DSL Digital Subscriber Line method of connect
70 E-book electronic book book
71 Email Electronic mail messages letters
72 Emoticon Emoji facial expression
73 Encryption data
74 Ethernet network
75 File data folder
76 Firewall security security programs
# Keyword Synonyms
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